The durability of your new recliner sofa will be largely dependent on the interior construction and the fabric covering. Be sure to ask about the frame and look for furniture that is made using kiln-dried hardwood framing. This material is strong and will last for years, even with heavy use.
Padding on the back and seat of your new sofa should be soft for comfort, but firm enough to support your weight. Check the quality of the stitching as well, to make sure it will hold up through the shifting and movement that comes along with sofa use.

Coverings range from soft and beautifully patterned fabric to smooth and ultra-durable leather. Microfibre is a popular option that is easy to clean and less expensive than leather, although it doesn’t offer the same level of strength or stylish appearance that leather does.

Shopping for recliner sofas will take some time, but with some research and a wide selection to choose from, you should have no trouble finding the sofa of your dreams.